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Book 1 of The Aztec Saga series.


If one should fall,
They each will fade. 

Alexandra sits in a cell, held captive by a ruthless force. Her instructions are simple; fill the provided notepad with her memories or the one she loves will be mercilessly tortured.

With no option but to agree, Alexandra retells her story starting from the time she wakes from a coma to discover that her husband and daughter have died. She is released from hospital, but has no place to go and no one to return to. Heartbroken and alone, Alexandra boards the first bus out of town and ends up in the outback community of Warrangatta, befriended by Sam, the local bookstore store owner, and Andy who works there.

Alexandra starts a new life in Warrangatta, working in the bookstore and healing from her heartache. Her new life is unremarkable, until the day she comes into possession of a book; a book of symbols and strange language that calls the ancient ones to her. Alexandra is brutally attacked one night but manages to escape to Andy’s place naked, bloodied and terrified. No longer safe in Warrangatta and needing answers to the bizarre happenings plaguing her, Alexandra and Andy flee to Melbourne to find a world descended into political and social chaos, civil rebellion and extreme weather events. They meet a mysterious seer who predicts: ‘He will hunt you, he will find you, he will claim you as his own. And you will love him until you draw your final breath.’

Forced into a world of ancient beings, forgotten prophecies, and hunted by the one she can never refuse, Alexandra must find a way to sever her connection to him, or succumb to the terrifying beauty that is The Aztec.



Reviewer:  'started this days ago and then got bronchitis and slept all time. Back to it now and it grips me from page 1.'

Reviewer:  'I loved this book. Could not put it down. Now I need the rest of the saga!
This is a fast paced book once you get through the second section, but the first paragraph keeps you wanting to read to see how it connects the dots.'


*paperback, not hardcover*