Hunted - Signed Copy

Hunted - Signed Copy

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Book 1 of The Aztec Saga series.


Alexandra cowers against a burnt car as debris of the fallen city crumbles around her. It’s not the surrounding destruction sending terror through her veins, it’s the fortune teller's omen that’s coming true, he will hunt you, he will find you, he will claim you as his own. And, you will love him until you draw your final breath.

She tugs at her sleeve, the mark his mark bold upon her arm, a constant reminder of the unbreakable bond between them, a reminder of what that ancient book brought upon her.

As the world around her descends into chaos, Alexandra is forced into a world of ancient beings, forgotten prophecies. Hunted by the one she can never refuse, she must find a way to sever her connection to him, or succumb to the terrifying beauty that is The Aztec.




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