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Book 1 of The Aztec Saga series.


 'If one should fall, they each will fade...' 
A scripture translated from a forgotten book, written by the hand of an ancient being, in a time lost to all memory. 

Explosions echo through the sombre city. Distant screams linger in the smoke and dust-filled air. Bodies of the dying and dead lie scattered amongst the burning debris. It’s not the terror and destruction surrounding her that is sending fear pulsing through Alexandra’s veins as she lies on the bitumen trying to plan her escape from the madness. It is Abde’s words resonating in her mind like a festering splinter: “He will hunt you. He will find you. He will claim you as his own.” 

Alexandra thought her greatest torment was to live after losing her family, but she realises her anguish has only just begun. It will be mere moments before he finds her. She must not linger here. She must go now! 

Forced into a world of ancient beings, forgotten prophecies, and hunted by the one she can never refuse, Alexandra must find a way to sever her connection to him, or succumb to the terrifying beauty that is The Aztec.

Reviewer:  'started this days ago and then got bronchitis and slept all time. Back to it now and it grips me from page 1.'

Reviewer:  'I loved this book. Could not put it down. Now I need the rest of the saga!
This is a fast paced book once you get through the second section, but the first paragraph keeps you wanting to read to see how it connects the dots.'


*paperback, not hardcover*